111102 Meeting

COE Agenda 11-2011.docx
1906 meeting started
1907 review of minutes
1911 minutes approved with corrections
1912 Sue Veith – Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP)
Phase I was general; Phase II is more specific to establish two year milestones – 10-11 is documenting what has been done; 12-13 is getting ready to be started; along with plan to take us out until 2017; self-selected local committee – sue leads, soil conservation, METCOCM, Health Dept, NAS / Webster field, SMCM, Leonardtown, some citizens, Jackie Tackas (from SMCM), DPW, LUGM, Parks & Rec, State Highway invited (only participating with larger counties)
First: analyzed capacity, what is already in the Capital Improvement program, how we are already managing or not managing storm water, septic systems, wastewater treatment programs, agriculture – looked for gaps – where to enhance existing programs – and where programs need to be created. Product is a 27 page laundry list of things that need to be done. Trying to plug into a spreadsheet tool which calculates expected reduction.
At state level: December deadline for first draft of WIP; Nov 18 is the deadline for Counties to submit draft; from Nov 18th to Jan 2 – county can review state draft; between Jan and June – Counties will go through a public review and come to some final local commitment;
Whole thing must be done by Aug (Oct?) 12th?
Team is recommending: continue existing efforts at existing levels; where money available, ramp up efforts (e.g. tree planting); looking at programmatic changes for gaps (e.g. best available technology for critical areas, proposal to triple bay restoration fund;) ramp up ability to track what we are doing;
Also need to figure out what to do with the gap; agricultural has a 70,000 lbs “gap” nitrogen to meet 2017 goals; this is being worked at a tributary project and the County is not currently working this issue; handled at State level – Dept of Agriculture through Soil Conservation;
Looking at urban loads – and we pretty close; separate than forest loads;
St. Mary’s County does not have control over Federal lands; Navy has huge effort underway as we speak; getting a lot of bang from the Federal facilities;
County looking at connecting major concentration areas to existing sewage systems;
Nov 15th – 1100 – presentation to BoCC on plan
1936 – open for questions? (Sue will copy COE on info on the status plan – maybe tomorrow?)
Each jurisdiction (County) to provide 10 page summary of the plan (description, what has been accomplished, what is expected to be accomplished, and gap to 2020 goal)
Looking at 11 areas of growth for sewer growth;
Meet on last Wednesday of the month, from 0930-1130 at new Soil Conservation Building;
St. Mary’s is a net importer of manure
EPA goal is for 2025; Maryland is targeting 2020;
Sue done at 2010
Facebook – person to contact is Caroline King (email address is passed to Steve Tripp)
Updates on website – Larry Hartwick is now updating website if Barne is not available;
2012 Planning next expo – coming in March; need to engage Jada if we want her to take care of everything again (group agrees!); Larry purchased poster board and materials to make a new display – looking for ways to fill the board and way for people to interact;
2020 Larry Hartwick to send out first draft letter to BoCC
Marta: Sherriff’s office is collecting outdate prescription drugs (Hospice makes you flush the drugs!) ; could we put on Facebook and/or Website? St. John’s Pharmacy does this as well; Does CVS?
Barne to make note in minutes about attendance;
Heather Moritz – filling in for Daryl for at least the next year; administers the Grant program (for wells) ; discussion about Bay Restoration Fund (BRF) Onsite Sewage Disposal System (OSDS) Advanced Treatment Unit (ATU) grant program; there is very * few * applicants this year; CoE asked if information was available online and it is not; packet was handed out;
(I am posting here!!!)
Bay Restoration Fund Onsite Sewage Disposal System Advanced Treatment Unit Grant.pdf