170503 CoE

: Nicole, Ben Cohen, Thomas, Bill, Joe (community member) Mark, absent: Jackie, Kim, Mike

1912 starting


COE agenda 5-3-17

Written by Thomas Brewer, COE President


1912: Compost bin and rain barrel workshops

    -We are moving forward with our workshops. We have set the date as May 20th, and the location has been locked down at the Fairgrounds. The rain barrels are already on site, and the compost bins are being acquired. The University of Maryland Extension Program is handling the registration and payment from residents and they have added the event to their website. Now, we can all spread the word and try to attract attention to the workshops!

Two sessions: 0900-1000 and 1000-1100; discussed using County Fair sign and Enterprise / County Times


1919: Tire Amnesty

    -At the last meeting, there was a question about tire amnesty. I contacted Nick Zurkan, and he replied with the following information: the tire amnesty program is state-sponsored and the state contacts counties as to when the event can be held, but our county has not been notified of any such event this year. The county policy on tires is that a resident can bring 5 passenger tires at a time to the landfill at no cost. Bringing more than 5 passenger tires at one time comes with a charge of $158/ton.


1921: Glass downcycling

    –At the last meeting, we discussed glass recycling and downcycling, which is when a product is recycled into something of lesser value. Concrete production is an example of an opportunity to downcycle used glass, and we have concrete companies in our county, so we thought we should try to connect bars and restaurants without recycling contracts with their waste hauler to local concrete producers. Kim provided me with contact information for an employee at Chaney Enterprises. I recently emailed the employee and I am waiting on a response.

Talked about recycling at bars and the “sand” making recycling machine (from last time)


1928: Annual Report

    -I emailed Diane Gleissner, Coordinator to the County Commissioners, regarding our annual report. I asked if the Commissioners had comments regarding our Annual Report, and specified if they had any thoughts on the recommendation to pursue a composting operation in the area, and I am awaiting a response.


1929: Calvert County CoE

    -A member of Calvert County’s Environmental Commission contacted me recently and asked that I attend one of their meetings to exchange thoughts and ideas and try to create a connection between our two commissions. I think this is a great idea, and mentioned that I think a meeting between the three counties (St. Mary’s, Calvert, and Charles) could be beneficial. I plan to attend their June meeting on Monday, June 26th in the County Services Plaza, 3rd floor, Department of Community Planning & Building conference room, 150 Main St., Prince Frederick MD 20678. Their meetings are open to the public like ours, and all are welcome to attend.

Thomas’ idea is use composting to leverage all thee counties for input; discussed the MPO (www.calvert-stmarysmpo.com/AgendaCenter) Bill recommended reaching out to the Tri-County Council (Hartline)


1938: Nicole mentioned following up with Calvert County COE about their palnning summit (lessons learned);


1944: talking with Joe (community member here for a boy scout effort); discussed budget for CoE;


1951: SMCM Bay-to-Bay mended some HSMC fences to help pen cows; weeded garden plot;


1959: adjourned



170705 CoE

Attendees: Bill, Thomas, Ben Mark, Guest, Guest

1907 – waiting for Mike & Jacquelyn

1910- getting started… James Hensley, 18 years old, applied and was accepted (Father was here as his driver);

1911- Jackie arrives


COE agenda 7-5-17

Written by Thomas Brewer, COE President


1912: Introductions for new member: Mark (Leonardtown – two years), Jackie (Lexington Park – four months), Ben (support staff since Feb), Thomas (three years, President, joined SMCM college alumni council and aiding in So Md food network), Bill Hunt (works for LUGM); Lewis Hicks (driver and dad);


1914: two forms: one for agenda, one for notes;


1914: Calvert County’s Environmental Commission

    -I attended their monthly meeting on June 26th. We discussed collaborating in the future and exchanged information regarding recent and future projects. Their meeting was not unlike our own, but they have a slightly larger group. I observed presentations by a guest speaker about reforestation and floodplains, and feel that we should discuss doing the same at some of our meetings.

Mark asked about Charles County – Thomas believes so since we have mimicked their Rain Barrel workshop; discussed alliance for tri-county (e.g. for composting); likes idea of having presentations three or four times year and use half the CoE meeting;


1919: Guest speakers

    -After observing Calvert’s guest speaker presentation, I met a salesman for Solar City, and he expressed interest in attending one of our meetings and providing a small presentation about solar panels and the services offered by Solar City. I feel that this could be a good first guest speaker presentation, as we have discussed solar at a number of meetings, and he could offer some answers to questions that the group may have regarding solar panels.

Group agree to invite to future meeting;


1920: Sea rise article

    -The article that Mike disseminated discussed the increasing level of concern regarding sea levels rising. Richard A. Clarke, former counter-terrorism czar, recently said that a scientist has been running numbers that point to a much greater sea level rise than previously predicted, noting that rather than the 1-3 foot rise by the year 2100 that is widely accepted among scientists at present is about a third of what his models are predicting, which he claims could be between 6 and 9 feet, essentially putting Florida beneath water. He also made a note of the fact that the Department of Defense has said that global warming and sea level rise are the single greatest threat to our nation’s security.


1923: Seafood, Ag, and Forestry Commission

    -During the reforestation presentation, it occurred to me that planting trees strategically around agricultural land could effectively reduce chemical runoff from farms. Certain trees have roots that absorb nutrients and chemicals and prevent them from entering waterways. With seafood being affected by these chemicals, and agriculture playing a role in water pollution, it seems fitting that this Commission should be thinking about this. I would like to send a letter or attend a meeting to address this issue, and would like some feedback before doing so.

Discussion about possible questions for Seafood Commission led to a discussion for roadway runoff and storm water management; part of St. Mary’s getting better is the requirement for a Federal “MS-4” permit since we are now over 100,000 population; Ben has a list of acceptable plants that can be used for Critical Areas;


1936 Environmental Summit

    -Calvert held an environmental summit in which they brought together a number of groups that were all involved in some way with environmentalism. The summit seemed to go well from what the commission stated, and I believe a similar event in our county could facilitate the gathering of groups that may be more productive working together.

Discussion about who would be invited… Chesapeake Bay Foundation… St. Mary’s Watershed Association..


1938: Compost bin/rain barrel workshop

    -The workshop that we helped the University of Maryland Extension Program to organize went very well from what I observed. Both classes of each workshop were well attended and the residents seemed to appreciate the presentations and service provided by the Extension Program. I believe that this could become an annual workshop, and because we ordered extra bins, we have less to spend on the next set of workshops.

Asked Fairgrounds to put on banner sign – this worked very well; bins still available for full purchase price;


Actions from tonight: contact Bruce Young about buffer trees; never received feedback from Cheney Recycling about glass recycling (down; looki into plants metabolizing chemicals; look into Calvert Commission attendees; suggestion from Jason to look into Canadian / Toronto “yellow bag” organic and composting program (since discontinued) – could University of Maryland start something like that? Thomas gave an overview of plastic bag recycling in Maryland / MRF; pilot program for independent bars/restaurants mentioned by George Erichsen (former DPWT)


Jackie is trying to get Dr. Tracy Stohler who has worked with the students (like planting trees) – but she wants to attend a future meeting; she has been recognized by the President of the College of Southern Maryland for environmental efforts (she is a biologist);


Mark suggested viewing a Trex video; e.g. collection issues and uses;


Planning a trip to the MRF for those that are interested;


Adjourned 1957 – next meeting is 02 August;