COE Agenda 3-13-18

Written by Thomas Brewer, COE President


Thomas, PEter, Paul, Mike Ben

1920 MRF tour

    –I scheduled a tour of the Prince George’s County Materials Recovery Facility for Monday, March 26th at 10 a.m. The tour is supposed to last about an hour. I feel that this will be an opportunity to learn about the deficiencies in the recycling stream, and we can take what we learn and teach the community.

Suggested considering Elkridge; * check on schedule and if children are allowed;


1933 Earth Day on the Square

    –We are a month and change out from Earth Day on the Square in Leonardtown. This is one reason that I picked the tour date for the MRF, so that we will be able to educate residents about the MRF with a display for our table. Let’s discuss ideas for other displays and topics of focus for Earth Day.

Possible Topics: plastic bags, composting, chickens / rabbits; community gardens; get rain barrel / compost bin for display or sale (full price); native plants;


2007 Workshops

    –I spoke with Ben Beale from the University of Maryland Extension program. He said that they had done a backyard poultry workshop before as an all-day course, bringing farmers from the Eastern Shore, and that he would think of potential local instructors. He said that they could certainly help with a workshop on backyard vegetable gardens. I believe that the earlier in the spring that we have this workshop, the better. The backyard poultry workshop does not seem like it needs to be done at any particular time of year, so I believe it is better to focus on the vegetable gardening workshop first. As vegetable gardening is a broad topic, Mr. Beale recommended having a more specific topic. I thought of soil amendments, pest control, and common problems with growing the most popular vegetables. Let’s discuss what other topics we could focus on that could best benefit novice vegetable growers.

2023 Mike discussed trip to Costa Rica

2029 meetinmg closed