A great quote about Jack Bogel:  “The only thing that poor guy has going for him is the uncanncy ability to recognize the obvious”… [and this is what causes a great chasm between myself and just about everyone else]

Seeing the “obvious” way before it happens is my uncanncy ability…  Unfortunately, this ability further impedes my ability to communicate.

Why would you continue to suckle from the cow of evil?

While education is the key to freedom, transparency is the vehicle for the ultimate balance of power.

Time is nothing more than a measurement between two events.
Spring 00

A friend is someone who understands after you say “no”…
A friend is someone who is there when you get back from your “down time”…

Realize what you leave behind in your journey ahead.

The empty space left behind by the removal of pain is often worse than the pain itself…

If everything could be the way you wanted, what way would that be?  If you could be doing anything you wanted, what would you be doing?



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