130313 Meeting

1908 Mindy, Larry, josh

Paul, Bill, Sue

Nine or ten members..

Sue’s name is Veith…

No quorum…

Bill Hunt Deputy Director of LUGM

Sue Veith…

1910 WIP status…  in document package from last month, big table with next to last column indicating if it is in budget; if checked, actively being worked;  rest of the plan is everything not in the CIP (wastewater treatment – upgrade for Marley Taylor in design – online in 2014 (2015?) to 4 mg/L for nitrogen for 6 million a day; project in methane co-gen @ Marlay Taylor; discussions with Navy for reuse of treated water in golf, irrigation, cooling towers (Dan Ich. ) not moving forward swiftly; Leonardtown from 4mg going to 3mg for 6 million galls (middle of next year online);  looking at expanding plant in Leonardtown from .75 to .94; identified need for limited connection on onsite connection to waste water treatments (small projects ongoing); no plans to pick up expansions unless systems are failing;

WIP does not address future pollution – only existing for what is in the ground; new growths will have to be 100% on new pollution;

Webster Field did a full upgrade – told by Navy – one of the best performing waste water treatments in the Navy;

Septics:  established 60 systems per year through 2107 for Best Available Technology (BAT);

2010/2011 – 57 total;  think we can continue that level – not cheap – $11,400 per system, partially from homeowner, some from state (water restoration);

Small projects for connecting small homes…                 very expensive…

Changes in programs:  barred right now for providing sewer outside of Development District for other than failed systems;

New Maryland nutrient management law for commercial buildings (do less mowing, do less fertilizing, only grow what is needed – $408 per acre for County Parks, $52 per acre for multi-use areas);

Work with quasi-public areas:  CSM, fire departments, golf courses, etc.

1928 Mike T;

Who owns Breton Bay?  A corporation?  Wicomico is owned by the County; Wipsinger – owned by Aero Union;

Pax River:  Golf courses;

1)     understand how they manage 2) helping (turf management is a credit);

county has requirements for removing impervious surface under redevelopment;  reducing physically or management (20% reduction);  pervious concrete eventually clogs – so needs maintenance;

Street sweeping gets you credit;  Leonardtown does it regularly;

Municipal Stormwater System 4 phasing permit;  every district that has 100,000 population; has 12 areas of actions to take;  activiely pursue removal of 20% of impervious surface; have training programs for staff; discharges, public outreach and eduction;  LUGM has been working background; starting to look at retrofit for water quality  (in addition to water quantity);  one of the best things is to take a dry pond and make it wet to slow the process and stop input to the streams; looking at 135 retro fits over the next five years; systems that are no stagnant tend not have mosquitoes;


Used to be a handout on why not to spray for mosquitoes:  you kill the predators which live longer  – the mosquitoes come back in a shorter period;


Have $50,000 in budget (may be transferred to next years budget) for consultant for areas on septic that may be converted to sewer and other options (Calvert and Charles are looking at expanding pumping systems);


Working with master Garderners, Sea Grant (Watershed Stewards Academy – program to treat stormwater management similar to Master Gardeners); master has Bay Wise; volunteers and trainers setup e.g. for a neighborhood; working with Jackie Tackas (local watershed contact) to put online tracking system for Best Practices (pilot with U of maryland 0- each individual can report what they are doing – and have Master Gardener validate for credit);


Tree planting projects – do more – slow run off;

Natural filter grass program (soil conservation district);

Progressive set of regulations for stream buffers – many go beyond what is the minimum at the state level;  recommendation is to maintain or increase;

Noted we have mine reclamation going on;


Everything else was for agriculture – which is handled at the State level (not left up to the County);  vitase additives in chicken feed, no till fill, precision planting, etc.;


Identified seven large communities on septic – METCOM ballpark figure to connect to sewage treatment plant; ones in growth areas makes sense (Town Creek, Esperanza); something like golden Beach when there is sewage treatment up North; pick up folks over the line (e.g, Piney Point);


How much does this cost?  No total figure…

Our biggest issue is septic systems…


Stormwater has been planned due to Clean Water Act issues…


2000 on to other topics with Sue…


Found three things for logo imprints:   bottle/can opener, credit card ice scraper, draw string bag;  has to stay under for $500 or go out for bid;


Jada was thinking about the grocery bags…  these might be on overload;


Environment Film Festival in DC ongoing now – through 25 March;



Presentation on Monday night to update the Lexington Park Development District Plan;  in the near future, draft will come out (mid-April?); Jeff Jackman leads, Robin Finnacom is participating;


April is due date for annual report;


2007 – Earth Day – confirmed for table, Steve will provide canopy; County has one if needed; County has a ton of materials from the past;  Also have displays that Steve donated previously; plants – have tons of seeds leftover from last year (sweet pepper, hot pepper, cucumber, roma, heirloom); either will buy potting soil or try to get it donated;  Larry will bring old containers (milk jugs and other containers), get dehydrated potting soil – kids will scoop and put seed in; have some plants in flats on display;  still looking for ideas about display for composting or recycling;  and some handouts from County;  will try to get volunteers at next meeting – Larry will be there all day – and have some volunteers that will want to come out; has display of logs that will be done at carver and will show stages of composting;   will talk with Steve about posting something about Earth Day on Facebook page;


2018 – questions?


Article in paper about house fire  – historic house – bought it; Fire Department was there;  re-claimed many of the beams; he did not get a permit; law says you can only burn for training purposes – how did he do it?  Historic Society fought him…  Health Department would issue a permit…  how did this happen?


Mindy looking for a schedule for Earth Day…  Larry will be there to setup and take down since he is donating a lot of material.  Looking for as many volunteers from the board.  Doodlepool.com….



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