190910 CoE

Ben, Thomas, Melissa, Bill Hunt, self

No: Kristen, Jerry, Steve


Whitetail Solar

Testing “bi-facial” panels – may yield another 10-15%

Did a glare study

Power Plant Research Program (PPRP) is clearinghouse for DNR – will complete their own Environmental RD – to take to administrative law judge (as required by PSC);

While subject to State CPCSN – will go through County process; will submit for a conditional use in October; will submit to TEC;

Bill Hunt – on glare analysis – we work with the Navy – the last time – there was not a standard for a glare analysis; FAA uses “Forge” model for analysis; will met with the Base in the next few weeks; Brewer was next to XO at LSM and thinks it is not compatible with NVG and would probably be in their flight patterns; Bill has map that shows the AICUZ – where development on the ground is restricted; County GIS has the AICUZ on it;

Acquired this project from a previous developer who could not bring to fruition; half dozen horses graze on existing area;

Will mow grass when there is a loss of productivity; don’t generally wash (in this region), but only use water;

Do consider using pollinator friendly – always native seed mixes;

Have had hives before; PPRP has a pollinator friendly scorecard

1919 – Lightsail departs

Melissa reviewed environmental fee with Nick Zurkin; raised from $72 to $91 – and 2% yearly increase; fee should generate $4.1M; solid waste is expected to cost $5.8M;

Discussion about future of recycling;

1942 – done

Commission for Women run their own Facebook with PIO access – if Thomas can share the username / passwords, it could be updated;




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