20130202_154614The family that brews biodiesel together – stays together!!!

We have been using pure biodiesel (B100) since 2004, making our own for all our cars since 2010!  *** We have not been to the gas station to fill any cars since 2010 ***

Biodiesel 101 – some of the basics (my presentation):






Step 1 (get used cooking oil from friends):



Step 2 – filter it


Step 3 – process it (use a fancy machine – it is easy!)


Step 4 – handle the leftovers properly…


The best biodiesel processor we own – and highly recommended:

Matt and the rest of the crew are first rate.

We proudly buy our biodiesel supplies (KOH and methanol) locally in MD from NotSoBigOil:

Bill is a maker and user of biodiesel – and an all around great guy.

And for all other things biodiesel (Sulfuric Acid, Banjo Clamps, Strainers) and great reference, check out:

Before we made our own, we bought it from Taylorsville Shell – a commercial station just outside of Baltimore

National Biodiesel Board (800) 841-5849

Maryland Energy Administration

Maryland Soybean Board Susanne Zilberfarb (571) 333-0108


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